Generation 1

1. Morris, Jennie1. Jennie was born on 1896-06-27. She died on 1983-06-10 at the age of 86 years. She was the daughter of Morris, William James and Howell, Mary Jane. She married Perry, Joe Bert.

Spouse: Perry, Joe Bert.1

Joe Bert was born on 1895-12-14. He died on 1976-06-26 at the age of 80 years. He was the son of Perry, Francis Marion and Zuccarello, Isabella.

Notes for Morris, Jennie

Legally changed her first name to Virginia.

More about Morris, Jennie:

Also Known As: Virginia Perry

Marriage: 1920-05-16.

Children of Morris, Jennie and Perry, Joe Bert

i. Perry, Francis Marion II. Francis Marion was born on 1921-05-18.

ii. Perry, Bert Morris. Bert Morris was born on 1922-11-21 in Jackson, Michigan. He died on 2005-06-09 in Palestine, Texas.

iii. Perry, Betty Jo. Betty Jo was born on 1924-05-09. She died on 2010-09-04 in Fairhope, Alabama.

iv. Perry, Mary Isabella Zuccarello. Mary Isabella Zuccarello was born on 1926-04-02 in Miami, Florida. She died on 2009-06-18 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

v. Perry, Richard Howell. Richard Howell was born on 1930-07-06. He died on 1950-04-08.

Generation 2

2. Morris, William James. William James was born on 1853-04-06. He died on 1902-03-24 in Rice, Texas at the age of 48 years. He married Howell, Mary Jane on 1871-12-14 in Montgomery, Alabama.

3. Howell, Mary Jane. Mary Jane was born in 1853. She died Yes.

Children of Howell, Mary Jane and Morris, William James

i. Morris, Jennie [1]. Jennie was born on 1896-06-27. She died on 1983-06-10.

ii. Morris, Quintus Palmer. Quintus Palmer was born in 1873. He died on 1917-05-27 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas.

iii. Morris, Clyde. She died Yes.

iv. Morris, Mary Maud. She died Yes.

v. Morris, Alto V.. He died Yes.

vi. Morris, Charles Ira. Charles Ira was born on 1892-06-22 in Alabama. He died on 1954-06-23 in Santa Cruz, California.

vii. Morris, Yutas Z. Yutas Z was born on 1881-06-18 in Alabama. He died on 1960-04-05 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas.

More about Howell, Mary Jane and Morris, William James:

Marriage: 1871-12-14, Montgomery, Alabama.


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