Joseph Perry Family Album
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This album is full of pictures of family members, loved ones and ones we love just like family. Included are some old friends whom we have not seen or heard from in many years. If you know where some of these are let us know, won't you?

Extended Family — an assortment of family pictures.
Childhood: Page One — 1950's in Baldwinvsille, New York.
Childhood: Page Two — more from the 50's.
Childhood: Page Three — late 50's: brother, mom, friend.
Life in White Plains — neighborhood friends, church friends.
White Plains Years — Page Two — Our Family.
White Plains Years — Page Three — Friends.
My Sister Sandra — Sandi in the sixties.
Sixties and Early Seventies — extended family, sweethearts.
Joe and Leslie — when we first met.
Mathey Family — Oregon Bound.
Leslie's Childhood: Page One — childhood, family, friends.
Leslie's Childhood: Page Two — her teen years.
Leslie's Childhood: Page Three — she sure was cute.
With Some Old Friends — can you name them?
Leslie — I have always chosen her.
My College Band — at David Lipscomb College.
Our Home in Centerville — fifteen years in a small town.
Me in Church Library — One of my volunteer jobs.
Our Trip to Alaska — what a beautiful place!
The Wiltons — Leslie's sister Sue and family.
Four Kids — Sandi's kids: my nieces and nephews.
Four Kids 2 — more of nieces and nephews.
Camp Hunt 1967 — for my Camp Hunt friends.

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