Life in White Plains
My brother Charlie sent me these pictures.

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Me with my best friend and next door neighbor Doug Rice. Doug was exactly two days older than me. I think Bruce Springsteen was born on the same day as he was.

Here I am solo with my brand new Raleigh bike. I was so proud of that bike. It was really an English bike.

This is Keith Liddle. This must have been taken either when the Liddles were visiting us in White Plains or we were visiting them in Liverpool (N.Y.). Not too many years after the Liddles moved to Boulder, Colorado and I never saw them again.

David Crisman and Gary Nelson. David was younger than both me and my brother but we used to play together. Gary Nelson lived up the road and up another road. His house was about as far as I used to venture by myself.

Chuck Nyren posing as a football star. We recently heard from Chuck. He has become quite a writer. Click here for his homepage. Here's another.

Charlie playing catcher for Ken Robinson's "at bat". The Robinson home was the one connected to the garage you see across the street.

Dana and Eddie Randall clowning for the camera after church in downtown White Plains.

More clowning: Eric Randall threatening Paul Wilton over the sticker bush.

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