My Mother Charlotte Virginia Wiesen Perry

On the morning of May 23 my mother passed out of this life into the eternal one. For the past few weeks prior we could tell she was focusing her attention there. Even though she didn't talk about it much, she was inwardly drawing close to God. Then for the last three days she didn't wake up at all and I knew she was in a good place that I couldn't touch right then. It's the place where faith is becoming vision.

I went early that morning because we knew her time was near, and so I was in her presence when she stopped breathing. Even though I knew very well mom had a very strong "life-force," nevertheless when it came time it didn't seem like any great thing, for her spirit to be with me in one minute and gone in the next. I think that's because she was already right there in the gate, unbeknownst to us, and to her at that time it was the most normal thing just to step through with the Lord, or to fall into His embrace.

So many caring souls ministered to mom in the last years. Mom always learned their names and let them know how much she enjoyed their attentions. Williamson County Medical Center, NHC Franklin, and especially Connie Macy and the good people at Southern Care. The staff at Claiborne-Hughes did all they were supposed to do and I thank God for them. The nurse on duty that morning was very good and kind and I told her I would always remember her kindness and sensitivity as long as I live, and I will.

During the last few years it seemed kind of hard to get a good picture of her, but here is one from three years ago. It's one of the best pictures I have of her because she was really happy that day. It was Mother's day, 2004 and the whole family was there.

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