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Edna St. Vincent Millay Inscriptions

We had two little books by Edna St. Vincent Millay that appear to be inscribed by her to a friend. "Second April" has an unsigned poem on the flyleaf and no other pencil marks in it. This is the first printing of the Harper and Brothers edition. The actual first edition was published by another publisher. With the second book, "Fatal Interview", it appears that Miss Millay made some marks in it and then signed it with a sentiment and gave it to someone. Maybe we should have gotten the name of the person who had the garage sale.

A Buyer Found Us!

We have had these scans on the internet for two or three years, not actively looking for a buyer but a buyer found us. He said he wanted them as a birthday present for his wife who is a big fan of Ms. Millay's poetry. What a thoughtful gift! I'm sure she will enjoy having them.

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Second April was published in 1921. The dustcover is ragged but the book is in great shape. This appears to be the first printing of the Harper edition.

This is the inscription on the flyleaf. Though not signed, it is the same handwriting as the signed inscription in "Fatal Interview". The handwiting is in pencil throughout both books. The watermark on the paper is: Flemish Book Made in U.S.A.

Fatal Interview, published 1931.

This one is signed very nicely. Written in pencil. The watermark in this book is "Utopian" with a figure of a balance (scales).

What is this all about? Is she correcting it or adding some more meaning? You tell me. The handwiting is not too gentle is it?

Check marks and intitial. Does that mean this one is OK? There are several others with check marks and initials in the book.

If you have any knowledge about these or any idea of their value please Contact me. Thank you.