Each of us has someone who we have loved and lost: A rebellious child, an estranged spouse, a domineering parent, a street kid we thought we could help or a good little girl who turned out not to be so good after all. We loved to the end till we were completely rejected and then the love died. But it didn't die completely; it couldn't die completely because in order to kill love we have to kill a part of ourselves--a part of ourselves that simply cannot be killed, at least not in this life. We can only do our best to cover it up. We cover it up with whatever is handy: Addictions (of whatever kind, legal ones mostly), self-hatred, self-righteousness, whatever. But deep down the love still wants to flow; almost against our will, it seems.

Love comes from God. It flows through us to other people and back to God. If it doesn't flow out then it doesn't flow in either, and the place in our heart that was meant to be a fountain of living water becomes a stagnant pool instead.

It has been said that if we don't love ourselves we can't love others either. Well, it is just as true that if we don't love others we stop loving ourselves also. And we stop loving God. Jesus said that. What I am trying to communicate is this: Don't give up. We might have been hurt; we will be hurt again--but don't give up. We might have to patient. We might have to pray a lot. We might have to go back to square one and rebuild our spiritual lives. We might have to wear out our friends, counselors, pastors talking it out. But don't give up. Love is good. Love comes from God and takes us to God.

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