A Nonsense Poem made more Nonesensical

Just about every time I get an email from my brother Charlie he includes some of the nonsense that his voice recognition program typed out for him as he dictated the letter. Some of these "best guesses" are pretty wild and humorous. Finally I just suggested to him that he give the computer a really good test by dictating a certain nonsense poem to it. He did it right away and here is the result. Most of us read it in school, didn't we? The author was fond of nonsense talk so I don't think he would mind. Remember the computer did the best it could with the glossary it had been given. Here it is:

'Twas Brill 18, and the slide the poems
did shy or Ann Kimball in the way:
All men's he were the board golds,
and the mall morass upgrade.

"Beware the jobber walk, my son!
that jobs that bite, the clause that catch!
beware the job job bird, and shine
the from his band or snatch!"

He took his four poles awarding hand:
long-time demand some though he sought --
So rested hee by the Tom Tom tree,
and stood a while in thought.

Hand, as in a fish thought he stood,
the jobber walk, with eyes of flame,
Came with link through the told you wood,
and Burr bold as it came!

1, 2! 1, 2! and through and through
the four pool blade went sticker snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
he went along thing back.

"And Haskell slain the jobber walk?
come to my arms, my been a boy!
old friend just day! Kailua! Palais!"
heat your cold in his joy.

'twas Brill 18, and the slide the toes
did gyro Ann Kimball in the way:
All men's he were the board golds,
and the mall morass upgrade.


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