Springtime on Berry's Chapel Road

We have lots of these white daffodils. We also have the yellow kind; they bloomed a little before these. Resurrection lily leaves are fully up, lilac leaves are out and the flowers are appearing in their initial form. Click here for pictures.

Also there are lots of people around who want to love and be loved. Yes, they do and they are all anxious about it. That is, we are all anxious about it. Love all around, like a sea we are swimming in. Like fish in the ocean we live in a sea of love but we don't realize it because it is the same in every direction. We are weighted equally by love on all sides but we don't collapse because we have an equivalent weight of love on the inside.

You are thinking, what is he talking about. You are thinking, I can't see or feel the love. Well, you wouldn't, would you? Do fish feel the water?

Admittedly, it's a metaphor. It might mean a little something and it might not mean much more than that. OK, come out of the water and let's try to work this thing out.

A man is surrounded by other people, most of whom feel nothing and make him feel nothing. They see each other as functionaries most of the time. Non-moral, non-spiritual bodies. But sometimes we hear the call, faintly like a still, small voice. It might be our man notices a certain person. Maybe it's mutual. He thinks, I wonder if she could like me. He is feeling a poignant need to be loved. And of course both parties feel empathetically for the other. All that is built into our souls and can be triggered by a glance or two. And oh, the anxiety!

Our man never feels enough love, and rightly so, because there never is enough love around. Oh, but what about my water metaphor? Yes, there is love but he can't feel it, or rarely can. He can't smell it or taste it—not because it's not there but because of the faults in his olfactory nerves and taste buds. Sometimes he feels so devoid of love he feels he can't get his breath. If love is air then he feels he is floating in a rarefied stratosphere, up where the big ol' jet airliners fly. But he's not. He is right down at sea-level. The trouble is not in the air it's in his cardio-vascular system.

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