This page contains an index of all the places in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a place’s title will take you to that place’s page.

Letter Name State Country Latitude/ Longitude
A Ajaccio, Corsica [P0088]  
  Alabama [P0077]  
  Albuquerque, New Mexico [P0078]  
  Anchorage, Alaska [P0116]  
B Bath, Steuben County, New York [P0128]  
  Beaufort, North Carolina [P0073]  
  Berks, England [P0071]  
  Bertie Co, North Carolina [P0008]  
  Bertie County, North Carolina [P0011]  
  Birmingham, Alabama [P0101]  
  Brownsville, Tennessee [P0086]  
  Butler, Choctaw County, Alabama [P0106]  
C California [P0103]  
  Campbell, Santa Clara, California [P0104]  
  Caroline, Virginia [P0067]  
  Carteret Co, North Carolina [P0048]  
  Carthage, Tennessee [P0135]  
  Castle Hedingham, Essex, England [P0065]  
  Center Hill, Sumter County, Florida [P0122]  
  Chicago, Illinois [P0093]  
  Chowan Co, North Carolina [P0007]  
  Chowan County, North Carolina [P0013]  
  Conroe, Montgomery County, Texas [P0123]  
  County Norfolk, England [P0050]  
  Craven Co. South Carolina [P0053]  
  Culpeper, Virginia [P0072]  
D Davidson Co, Tennessee [P0004]  
  Denver, Colorado [P0043]  
E England [P0015]  
  Ennis, Ellis County, Texas [P0124]  
  Essex County, Virginia [P0068]  
  Evanston, IL [P0098]  
F Fairfax County, Virginia [P0056]  
  Fairhope, Alabama [P0018]  
  Fort Deposit, Lowndes County, Alabama [P0131]  
  Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas [P0076]  
  Franklin, Tennessee [P0094]  
  Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Virginia [P0137]  
G Gainesville, Florida [P0121]  
  Gainesville, Texas [P0087]  
  Gates County, North Carolina [P0133]  
  Georgia [P0091]  
  Germany [P0096]  
  Giles County, Tennessee [P0138]  
  Gloucester County, Virginia [P0070]  
H Harrisburg, Pennsylvania [P0099]  
  Hempstead, Waller County, Texas [P0125]  
  Hertford Co, North Carolina [P0052]  
I Illinois [P0092]  
  Isle of Wight Co, Virginia [P0054]  
J Jackson, Michigan [P0023]  
  Jacksonville, Florida [P0081]  
L Laurens County, South Carolina [P0105]  
  Leichestershire, England [P0059]  
  Los Angeles, California [P0074]  
  Loudon County, Virginia [P0058]  
  Louisiana [P0100]  
M Miami, Florida [P0079]  
  Michigan [P0095]  
  Mobile, Alabama [P0021]  
  Mobile, Alabama [P0019]  
  Mobile, Alabama [P0022]  
  Mobile, Alabama [P0045]  
  Montgomery, Alabama [P0075]  
N Nansemond County, Virginia [P0012]  
  Nansemond County, Virginia (probably) [P0014]  
  Nansemond Co, Virginia [P0047] Virginia  
  Nashville, Tennessee [P0044]  
  Nashville, Tennessee [P0042]  
  Nashville, Tennessee [P0017]  
  Nashville, Tennessee [P0020]  
  Nashville, Tennessee [P0046]  
  New Kent County, Virginia [P0066]  
  New Kent County, Virginia [P0060]  
  New Orleans, Louisiana [P0114]  
  Noble, Cleveland County, Oklahoma [P0130]  
  Norfolk Co, Virginia [P0049]  
  Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma [P0129]  
  North Carolina [P0005]  
  North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia [P0141]  
  Norwich, Norfolk, England [P0132]  
O Oakland, California [P0040]  
P Palestine, Texas [P0080]  
  Palo Alto, San Mateo, California [P0117]  
  Pasquotank Co, North Carolina [P0009]  
  Perquimans County, North Carolina [P0010]  
  Pitt County, North Carolina [P0134]  
  Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island [P0142]  
  Prince William County, Virginia [P0139]  
Q Quitman, Georgia [P0082]  
R Ramer, Montgomery County, Alabama [P0120]  
  Rappahannock, Virginia [P0109]  
  Ratcliffe, Essex, England [P0061]  
  Ratcliffe Stepeny, Essex, England [P0063]  
  Rice, Texas [P0041]  
  Richmond, Virginia [P0107]  
  Ringland Parish, England [P0051]  
S Sacramento, California [P0115]  
  Salinas, Monterey County, California [P0112]  
  San Francisco, California [P0102]  
  San Jose, California [P0113]  
  San Mateo, California [P0084]  
  Santa Cruz, California [P0083]  
  Scotland [P0089]  
  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England [P0111]  
  South Carolina [P0090]  
  Spotsylvania County, Virginia [P0140]  
  Stafford County, Virginia [P0057]  
  Sumner County, Tennessee [P0006]  
  Sweden [P0097]  
T Tennessee [P0003]  
  Troy, Pike County, Alabama [P0108]  
  Tulsa, Oklahoma [P0127]  
V Virginia [P0062]  
W Wales [P0110]  
  Watsonville, California [P0118]  
  Wayne County, Tennessee [P0126]  
  Wilson County, Tennessee [P0136]  
  Woodham, Mortimer, Essex, England [P0064]