Charles King

Birth Name King, Charles
Gramps ID I0540
Gender male
Age at Death about 67 years, 14 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0938] about 1695    

Death [E0939] 1762-01-15    



Father William King [I0542]
  1. Solomon King [I0543]
  2. Mary King [I0544]
  3. Henry King [I0545]


Married Wife Mary [I0541]
  1. Charles King [I0532]


Charles obtained 461 acres of land, part of which had been granted to his father, William King, in 1703. In early land records of Chowan County, the land was described as being on King's Branch of Cypress Swamp. On current maps of the area, now in Gates County, it is referred to as Jordan-Lassiter Branch. Like his brother, Henry, Charles also appeared prominently in the records of Chowan County. He was for most of his life the Captain of Militia for the Northwest corner of the County. He was appointed Justice of the Peace by the Royal Governor, and was a Vestryman in St Paul's Vestry which covered the Northern part of Chowan County. According to Solomon's Bible record, his wife was Mary, surname unknown. Also acording to this Bible record, Charles died January 15, 1762. Although County records have not survived, State records show that his estate was administered by Henry King in 1762. It cannot be determined if it was administered by his brother or by his son.
Two of the sons of Charles King, have been identified in the Bible record. Surviving land records have resulted in the identification of three other sons. There were probably also daughters, however, their names are not known.
Children of Charles King:
Charles King
William King
Michael King
Solomon King
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  1. William King
    1. Charles King
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    2. Solomon King
    3. Mary King
    4. Henry King