Richard Parker

Birth Name Parker, Richard [1]
Gramps ID I0070
Gender male
Age at Death 74 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0057] 1676 Nansemond County, Virginia  

Death [E0058] 1750 Chowan County, North Carolina  

Will [E0347] 1749-09-22 Chowan County, North Carolina Children and grandchildren listed.

Event Note

Parker, Richard, Chowan, Sept. 22d, 1749. April Court 1752. Sons Richard and Daniel, grand-sons Richard and William Parker, sons Robert, Peter, Jonathan and Jonas, daughters Elizabeth Hunter, Ann Spivey, and Alice Daughtry, sons Jacob, Stephen and Francis, daughter Patience, wife and son Peter Executors. Test, John Williamson, Wm. Daughtrie, John Moore.

The North Carolina historical and genealogical register, Volume 1
edited by James Robert Bent Hathaway
Page 362



Father Richard Parker [I0078]
Mother Pender [I0079]


Married Wife Elizabeth King [I0071]
  1. Elizabeth Parker [I0073]

Source References

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  1. Richard Parker
    1. Pender
      1. Richard Parker
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