Joseph William Perry

The Old Road and the Older Road

When I was a child our family traveled by car every summer. Often we would see another road—narrower—with crumbling, faded asphalt, down below the highway or off beside it running off in another direction, often going nowhere. I would ask dad, what's that road? He would say, that's the old road. Now we have one in our neighborhood.
The county has re-routed our road, enabling the cars to travel straight through instead of having to jog to the right then to the left. We live on the jog to the right that has now been bypassed. There are three houses on this block-long stretch so, of course, they didn't take our road away... but there is a lot less traffic on our block, and a lot more on the new main road a hundred yards away. Also there is now a stretch of road that isn't needed anymore and is now in the cow pasture. This is it:

I took that picture when I was walking our dog one morning. Then when I rounded the corner I noticed another widowed road. It angled off obliquely and ran down behind some peoples' back yard. I thought to myself, this is the even older road. So I got a picture of it too.

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