Purity's work
is to touch in love,
not refrain from touch.

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Old Tennessee House Web Site

I will be sharing my old house stories in a new web site I'm developing. I've started writing the story of our 15-year residence in a country Victorian in the town of Centerville, Tennessee. I want to share all our old house stories and maybe other people's old house stories as well. The site is called OldTennesseeHouse.com: Information and Inspiration. We will share information about tools, methods and materials. Also the human side.

Spirit of Love

For several years I have been planning a Spirit of Love website as a sister to Spirit of Prayer. I've got lots of ideas and concepts but they have been hard to put into type. Finally I got a start with an essay, the inspiration for which came from Søren Kierkegaard's Works of Love. My first essay for the site is called "The Spirit of Love Presupposes Love Exists in the Heart of the Other".

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A Humble Man
The Old Road and the Older Road
Hesitant About Reunions
Resurrection Lilies
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The Richest Man in Town


Brigadoon at David Lipscomb College


Essay in Clipart
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Cat Does Windows
A Fractured Poem for Lewis Carroll fans

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