Rootabaga Stories


Carl Sandburg

Author of "Slabs of the Sunburst West," "Smoke and Steel," "Chicago Poems," "Cornhuskers"

Illustrations and Decorations

Maud and Miska Petersham

New York

Harcourt, Brace and Company

Typed for the web by Joseph William Perry

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1. Three Stories About the Finding of the Zigzag Railroad, the Pigs with Bibs On, the Circus Clown Ovens, the Village of Liver-and-Onions, the Village of Cream Puffs

How They Broke Away to Go to the Rootabaga Country

How They Bring Back the Village of Cream Puffs When the Wind Blows It Away

How the Five Rusty Rats Helped Find a New Village

2. Five Stories About the Potato Face Blind Man

The Potato Face Blind Man Who Lost the Diamond Rabbit on His Gold Accordion

How the Potato Face Blind Man Enjoyed Himself on a Fine Spring Morning

Poker Face the Baboon and Hot Dog the Tiger

The Toboggan-to-the-Moon Dream of the Potato Face Blind Man

How Gimme the Ax Found Out About the Zigzag Railroad and Who Made It Zigzag

3. Three Stories About the Gold Buckskin Whincher

The Story of Blixie Bimber and the Power of the Gold Buckskin Whincher

The Story of Jason Squiff and Why He Had a Popcorn Hat, Popcorn Mittens and Popcorn Shoes

The Story of Rags Habakuk, the Two Blue Rats, and the Circus Man Who Came With Spot Cash Money

4. Four Stories About the Deep Doom of Dark Doorways

The Wedding Procession of the Rag Doll and the Broom Handle and Who Was in It

How the Hat Ashes Shovel Helped Snoo Foo

Three Boys with Jugs of Molasses and Secret Ambitions

How Bimbo the Snip's Thumb Stuck to His Nose When the Wind Changed

5. Three Stories About Three Ways the Wind Went Winding

The Two Skyscrapers Who Decided to Have a Child

The Dollar Watch and the Five Jack Rabbits

The Wooden Indian and the Shaghorn Buffalo

6. Four Stories About Dear, Dear Eyes

The White Horse Girl and the Blue Wind Boy

What Six Girls with Balloons Told the Gray Man on Horseback

How Henry Hagglyhoagly Played the Guitar With His Mittens On

Never Kick a Slipper at the Moon

7. One Story—"Only the Fire-Born Understand Blue"

Sand Flat Shadows

8. Two Stories About corn Fairies, Blue Foxes, Flongboos and Happenings that Happened in the United States and Canada

How to Tell Corn Fairies When You See 'Em

How the Animals Lost Their Tails and Got Them Back Traveling from Philadelphia to Medicine Hat

You can find mp3 files of these stories being read aloud on here. That would be for busy grownups. But if you want your children to hear them you had better read 'em yourself. They want to hear your voice.

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