College Days in the Concert Band

This is the David Lipscomb College concert band. Our band director was a consummate bandsman, Mr. Burley Bowman from North Texas State. You can see him standing at the back behind the trumpet section. He liked to have us play the best of the repertoire. We played the classics, suites for military band, patriotic pieces and just enough pops to say we did. One of his signature touches was a circus march played as an encore and at lightening fast tempo. Mr. Bowman liked to keep us on our toes by deciding on the spur of the moment whether he would direct us to play the "stinger" or not. Once the fellow tuba player sitting next to me wasn't watching closely enough and ended up playing the stinger by himself. I was the newest tuba player so everyone naturally thought it was me but it wasn't, I promise.

This is the tuba section. I am on the far right—playing last chair. I began to play the tuba after I got to college, never having played a wind instrument before. I expressed an interest; Mr. Bowman gave me some books and let me practice. After a couple of weeks he told me to jump right in and start coming to band practice. There I was sitting in with people who had all been playing band instruments since elementary school and I had been playing only a few days. Well, it scared the living daylights out of me, but I did my "woodshedding" and, by the time I graduated I played a senior recital including pieces by Bach, Mozart and Hindemith.

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