Our Centerville House

This is a good front view after we had pretty much got it all fixed up. At the right is the attached gazebo. At the bottom is the retaining wall of massive stones by the street.

Here you can see the work on the front of the house. The classical-style porch was put on after the tornado of 1909 took off the original "stick-style" double-decker porch.

This is the western gable end. I didn't reside that; I just scraped and painted it. The old roof was fish-scale patterned tin shingles.

Here are two sides, one before and one after new wood siding. I got poplar siding from Alabama and primed it on the back before putting it up.

Here is the east side with my home-made staging up. It took forever to do this work. I was plagued by discouragement and lack of money.

Leslie sometimes took out her frustrations on the old concrete sidewalk. Our foster son John built a new one of bricks.

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