At Belmont Church
Picture of me in our church library by my friend, Farhod Rustamov.

One of my favorite jobs is volunteering in the church library. I have gotten to know quite a few people in here including my friend Farhod who took these pictures.
Recently the church library was dismantled in favor of a Book Service, so I am out of my volunteer job. . .

This is the church viewed from caty-cornered across the street. Grand Avenue is the cross street. The main street is Music Square East, formerly Sixteenth Avenue South, formerly Belmont Avenue. The building on the corner is the old building, from 1925; next to it is the new building, attached in the 1980's. The children's department is on the top floor of the new building. I help with the three-year-olds in the second service.
Long time church member and former minister and elder, Paul Phillips, wrote a great history of Belmont Church entitled The Cloud Moves.

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