Josephus Aloysius Favorite Kids Pictures

These pictures were given to me by some of my favorite kids.

Stephanie drew her Uncle Joe on the back of a church bulletin. She portrayed him carrying the cross he made. Actually Uncle Joe didn't carry the cross, Michael did. But it did have flowers on it that day.

Stephanie's Uncle Joe
Ryan drew the Easter worshippers in this collage-like picture.

Ryan's Easter
Kyle was missing his mom, so he drew her a picture of a person sending heart-shaped smoke signals. We sent the picture to his mom by email.

Kyle's Teepee
I kept asking Tara for a picture to put on my web site and she finally gave me this one.

Tara's Forest
One evening after cell-group meeting, Kerri very kindly gifted me with this portrayal of a farm with animals.

Kerri's Farm