Charles Rountree

Birth Name Rountree, Charles
Gramps ID I0149
Gender male
Age at Death about 44 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0201] about 1660 England  

Death [E0202] before 1704 Nansemond Co, Virginia  



Unknown Partner
  1. Thomas Rountree [I0144]


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The first record that I have located of the Rowntree name in Virginia is 4 Nov. 1685 when Charles Rowntree was granted a Patent for 350 acres in the Upper Parish of Nanzamund.
They would have had to been in Virginia at least three years prior to this date.

4 Nov 1685, Charles Rowntree 350 acs. in the Up Par of Nanzamund, .
Beg at Michael Brinckly by the Scypresse Sw.
Trans. of 7 pers: Willm. Hunter, Nicho. Hunter, Joane Hunter, Rebecka Hunter, Charles Rountree, Robert Rountree, John Sayer. Patent Book 7, p 487

In 1704 this land is in possession of Thomas Rountree - his presumed son.


    1. Charles Rountree
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