William Walton

Birth Name Walton, William [1]
Gramps ID I0066
Gender male
Age at Death 47 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0051] 1685    

Death [E0052] 1732    



Father Thomas Walton [I0068]
Mother Ann [I0069]
  1. Thomas Walton [I0052]


Married Wife Hannah [I0067]
  1. William Walton [I0064]


Possible ties from the Encyclopedia of Virginia:
[Pages 294-295]
William B. Walton. The name of Walton is found very early in Virginia. The records of Hanover county are lost, but a private paper preserved shows that George was there, June 22, 1635. John Walton received grants of land in Westmoreland county in 1654 and 1666, and was living there with his wife Elizabeth in the latter year. John Walton received a grant of two hundred acres of land in Accomac county in 1638. Robert Walton, of Rappahannock county, sold 560 acres in 1666, and held a power of attorney for Nicholson Andrews, of London, in 1663. Edward Walton was in York county in 1671. The records of Goochland county, show purchases of land there in 1731 and 1738 by William Walton. Thomas Walton purchased land in St. James parish, on the Fluvanna river, in Goochland, September 15, 1741. There are multitudes of other records showing land grants in various sections of the colony in early days. William Walton was in Richmond county with his wife, Mary (Leftwich) Walton, and had children, Daniel and Mary. Samuel, John and Thomas Walton received legacies by will in Richmond county, in 1702. George Walton, signer of the Declaration of Independence, was a son of Robert Walton, of Cumberland, whose will, recorded in 1749, gave lands to children John, Robert, Sarah and George. Sarah was the wife of Thomas Watkins, and George resided in Savannah. George Walton, born in Frederick county, Virginia, was governor of Georgia in 1779-80, and 1789-90.
William Walton, a native of Virginia, was a planter, and also owned and conducted an in at Louisa Court House, was a volunteer in the Confederate armies, serving from the outbreak of the war between the states until the close of that struggle, participating in many battles. He was an active member and a deacon of the Methodist Episcopal church. He died in 1809. His wife, Lydia Ann, was a daughter of Professor Turner, a teacher and prominent man of Virginia. She was born at Louisa Court House, and died in 1902.
William B. Walton, son of Andrew Washington and Lydia Ann (Turner) Walton, was born November 9, 1869, at Louisa Court House, and attended private and public schools there and at Hanover, Virginia. He went from Virginia to Lincoln, Kentucky, to live with an uncle, Colonel W. P. Walton, of Stanford, and there attended private schools. W. P. Walton was a very prominent citizen, and owner and publisher of the "Interior Journal" and "Kentucky State Journal," and the nephew lived with him in Kentucky for eight years. During this time he assisted in various capacities in the production of his uncle's newspapers. Returning to Virginia, he entered Randolph-Macon College at Ashland, in 1899, but did not complete the college course. Having laid the foundation for a newspaper career, in September, 1894, he established the Hanover "Herald," and has been the editor and owner of this influential journal continuously to the present time. Mr. Walton has gained an enviable position in the community, where he exercises a strong influence and is appreciated and esteemed for his ability and character. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, Hanover Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and of the Junior Order of United American Mechanics. He has been prominent and active in the political movements of the state, acting with the Democratic party, and has held several important offices. In 1911 he was elected a member of the state legislature to represent Hanover county, and re-elected in 1914, having a string opposition in both campaigns.
Mr. Walton married, in 1895, M. Annie Johnson, daughter of B. F. and Barbara Overton (Terrell) Johnson. She died December 16, 1906, leaving four sons: William B., B. Frank, Andrew Washington, and Charles Vernon, all now attending school. B. F. Johnson, the father of Mrs. Walton, was, for many years, roadmaster of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad.

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