Zachariah Sims

Birth Name Sims, Zachariah
Gramps ID I0446
Gender male
Age at Death 51 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0718] 1738 Prince William County, Virginia  

Death [E0719] 1789 Laurens County, South Carolina  



Father Thomas Sims [I0448]
Mother Rebecca Petty [I0449]


Married Wife Elizabeth Graves [I0447]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E1058] before 1774 Culpeper, Virginia  

Residence [E1059] before 1785-09-00 Laurens County, South Carolina Moved to Laurens County, SC before September, 1785

  1. Rebecca Sims [I0600]
  2. Lydia Sims [I0445]



The children of Elizabeth and Zachariah were:
Rebecca Born about 1772 in Culpeper, VA. She married Lewis Pugh.
John Born about 1775 in Culpeper, VA.
Lydia Born about 1777 in Culpeper, VA. She married Jesse Pugh. Jesse and his brother Lewis were sons of Willoughby Pugh and Sarah Bobo. Sarah Bobo was a sister to Absalom Bobo who married Amy Sims, sister to Zachariah Sims.
Joel Born about 1779 in Culpeper, VA. He married an Elizabeth McGlathery.
Frances Born about 1780 in Culpeper, VA. She married a Mr. Simpson with whom she had a son, Zachariah Sims Simpson and then she married Jacob Clements before 1801 in Laurens.
Thomas Born about 1782 in Culpeper, VA.
Sarah Born about 1784 in Culpeper, VA. She married James Waite before 1800 in Laurens.
James Born about 1786 in Laurens, SC. He married Mariah Parks Wait, daughter of John Wait and Frances Graves. They had two children, John James and Rhoda. Rhoda married Thomas Wait, son of Sarah Sims & James Wait. Mariah Parks Wait Sims died in 1815 and James may have remarried to a Nancy Rasor by 1823. Rasor family documents support this theory, as do the estate records for Elizabeth Graves Sims Creecy. If this is true, then James died before October of 1839 when his siblings, and his children John James Sims and Rhodas husband Thomas Wait, sign a document on the agreement of her estate. In 1837, Ezekiel Rasor was made guardian of Mariah P. Sims who was a minor over 14 years and then in 1841, Ezekiel Rasor signs for M.S. Young and Isaac Young as their guardian on Elizabeths estate papers.
Researchers - William Lindsey, Jane Hall
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  1. Thomas Sims
    1. Rebecca Petty
      1. Zachariah Sims
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