Nicholas Hunter

Birth Name Hunter, Nicholas [1]
Gramps ID I0046
Gender male
Age at Death 67 years, 1 month


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0034] 1681 Carteret Co, North Carolina  

Death [E0035] 1748-02-00 Carteret Co, North Carolina  

Will [E0183] 1749-01-03 Beaufort, North Carolina Will dated 3 Febuary 1749 and probated in March court 1749.

Event Note

Nicholas Hunter, of Beaufort. February 3, 1749; probated March, 1749; son Stephen, daughter Esther, grandson George Mitchell, daughter Tillary, daughter Rachel, daughter Kesiah Mitcliell, grandson George Fore, sons Ezekiah, Libbeus and William, daughter Sarah, daughter Ruth, wife Rebecca.

The North Carolina historical and genealogical register, Volume 1
edited by James Robert Bent Hathaway
Page 48

Another transcription of this will:
Name: Nicholas Hunter
Location: Carteret County
Will Date: 3 Jan 1749
Probate Date: Mar 1749
Sons: Stephen ("all land on the West side of Gailes Branch"), Ezekell, Lebbeus, William, Joab. Grandson: George Millchell. Daughters: E---, Zillah, Reachell, Kisiah Millchell, Elizebath, Sarah, Ruth. Wife and Executrix: Rebecca. Executor: Ezekell Hunter (son). Witnesses: John Willcocks, Moses Houston, John Gillett. Clerk of the Court: Geo. Read.




Father William Hunter [I0074]
Mother Joane Norseworthy [I0075]
  1. Isaac Hunter [I0072]
  2. William Hunter [I0150]
  3. Robert Hunter [I0151]


Married Wife Rebecca Hardy [I0047]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E1049] 1703 North Carolina  

  1. William Hunter [I0044]
Married Wife Elizabeth Benton [I0625]

Source References

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  1. William Hunter
    1. Joane Norseworthy
      1. Nicholas Hunter
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        2. ', ['', u'Rebecca Hardy', ''], ['
            ', ['
          1. ', ['', u'William Hunter', ''], '
          2. '], '
          '], '
        3. '], ['
        4. ', ['', u'Elizabeth Benton', ''], '
        5. ']]
      2. Isaac Hunter
      3. William Hunter
      4. Robert Hunter