William Hunter

Birth Name Hunter, William
Gramps ID I0150
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death [E0203] 1733 Chowan Co, North Carolina  

Will [E0204] 1732-01-04 Chowan County, North Carolina His will was signed 4 January 1732 and recorded 18 January 1733, Chowan County, mentioning wife Ann, sons William and Ephraim, and daughters Judith, Allise, Mary, Ann, and Easter. William reportedly was captured at sea by the French and taken to a French prison, from which he gained release. His wife Ann’s will, dated 24 May 1749, was recorded in October court 1751 in Chowan County, with executors being son William Hunter and son-in-law Edward Arnal.

Event Note

William Hunter. January 4, 1732-3; January 18, 1732-3; sons William, Ephraim and Thomas, daughters Judith, Ann, Esther, Mary and Alice.

The North Carolina historical and genealogical register, Volume 1
edited by James Robert Bent Hathaway
Page 50



Father William Hunter [I0074]
Mother Joane Norseworthy [I0075]
  1. Nicholas Hunter [I0046]
  2. Isaac Hunter [I0072]
  3. Robert Hunter [I0151]


  1. William Hunter
    1. Joane Norseworthy
      1. Nicholas Hunter
      2. Isaac Hunter
      3. William Hunter
      4. Robert Hunter