Elizabeth Garrett

Birth Name Garrett, Elizabeth [1]
Call Name Betsey
Gramps ID I0033
Gender female
Age at Death 38 years, 11 months, 7 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0024] 1800-12-02 Davidson Co, Tennessee  

Death [E0025] 1839-11-09 Sumner County, Tennessee  

Dower [E0300] 1834-04-15 Sumner County, Tennessee assignation of her property from her deceased husband, Norfleet Perry

Event Note

State of Tennessee, Sumner County - In pursuance of an order of the County Court of Sumner County aforesaid at February Term last we have proceeded to lay off & assign to Elizabeth Perry widow of the late Norfleet Perry, deceased, her dower in the tract of land whereon the deceased lived immediately before his death which tract is contained within the boundary of three separate deeds one from Samuel Moore to Norfleet Perry dated the 18th of March 1822 for three hundred & sixty one acres & eighty eight polls one from William Perry to said Norfleet Perry dated 15th day of February 1828 for 100 acres and one from Sarah Perry to said Norfleet Perry dated the 3rd day of April 1830 for ninety seven acres making together five hundred and fifty eight acres & eighty eight polls out of which the said Norfleet Perry sold in his lifetime to Nancy Burnes five acres leaving a balance of five hundred and fifty three acres & eighty eight polls, Beginning for said dower at a rock & sugar tree the south west corner of said tract running thence north with Patton's E. boundary one hundred forty three & a half poles to a stake, thence east two hundred and eight poles to an ash in an old line on the top of a knob then south with Hogan's W. boundary one hundred & three & a half polls to the N. E. corner of Hutcherson's five acre tract then west with his line twenty polls to N. W. corner of said five acres then south with his line forty poles to a sugar tree S. W. corner of said five acre tract then west with the same to the beginning containing one hundred and eighty one & a half acres including the dwelling house & which we consider equal to one third part of the whole tract. Given under our hands the 15th day of April AD 1834, we having been first duly sworn, acknowledged to law.

Thomas Anderson (Seal)
George C. Cantrell (Seal)
Harvey Shannon (Seal)
William Joyner (Seal)
John Stark (Seal)

State of Tennessee, Sumner County Court May Term 1834 - The commissioners summoned by the Sheriff under the order of this court at last term to lay off and assign to Elizabeth Perry widow of Norfleet Perry, dec'd her dower in the real estate of her dead husband returned into court their report or deed of allotment which is ordered to be registered.

A Copy Test. - A. H. Douglass, Clerk of said County

Registered and examined July 16th 1834, James Douglass, Register by Y. N. Douglass, D. R.

<Transcribed by Linda Carpenter>

Will [E0301]     County Court Clerk's Office Will Book - Vol. II May 1823 - June 1842 (Page 264)

Event Note

I Elizabeth Perry, do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at anytime made.

First. I direct that my funeral expenses and just debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any money that I may die possessed of, or may first come in the hands of my executor.

Secondly. I give Sarah Francis three hundred dollars in money and my saddle mare, and above the rest of my axes?.

Thirdly. I give Mary Jenkins one set of chany and pair of looking glasses.

Fourthly. I give Susan Jane one dozen silver spoons.

Fifthly. For all my beds and clothing to be equally divided among my heirs and all my other property to be sold.

Sixthly. I nominate John W. Garrett to take in his hands the above amount mentioned that I gave Sarah Francis, and for her to have it as she needs it, or appropriate to her use as it is thought by him necessary.

Seventhly. I do hereby nominate and appoint Robert Patton my Executor in witness whereof I do to this my will set my hand and seal this 23rd October 1839. Elizabeth (her mark) Perry (Seal)


John W. Garrett

James B. Elison

Signed, sealed, and published in our presence and have subscribed our names hereto in the presence of the Testator.

State of Tennessee, Sumner County Court December Term 1839.

The last will and testament of Elizabeth Perry deceased was produced in open Court for probate and was duly proved by the oath of James B. Elison one of the subscribing thereto which is ordered to be recorded.

Thomas Donoho, Clerk of Sumner County Court.

<Transcribed by Linda Carpenter



Father Jesse Garrett [I0060]
Mother Beersheba Perry [I0061]
  1. Susan Garrett [I0524]
  2. Mary Garrett [I0515]
  3. James P (Jimmy) Garrett [I0517]
  4. John W Garrett [I0518]
  5. Mildred Garrett [I0520]
  6. Celia Garrett [I0522]
  7. Catherine Garrett [I0526]


Married Husband Norfleet Perry [I0032]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E0241] 1820-04-19 Sumner County, Tennessee Josiah Walton, Justice of the Peace. From Marriages of Sumner County, Tennessee, 1787-1838 By Edythe Johns Rucker Whitley page 45 - accessed on google books

  1. Hardy Hunter Perry [I0030]
  2. Sarah Frances Perry [I0232]
  3. Barshby C. Perry [I0237]
  4. William M. Perry [I0233]
  5. James G. Perry [I0234]
  6. Mary Jenkins Perry [I0235]
  7. Susan Jane Perry [I0236]

Source References

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  2. Wills Vol. 1 - 5; July 1789 - July 1904 [S0001]


  1. Jesse Garrett
    1. Beersheba Perry
      1. Susan Garrett
      2. Elizabeth Garrett
        1. [['
        2. ', ['', u'Norfleet Perry', ''], ['
            ', ['
          1. ', ['', u'Hardy Hunter Perry', ''], '
          2. '], ['
          3. ', ['', u'Sarah Frances Perry', ''], '
          4. '], ['
          5. ', ['', u'William M. Perry', ''], '
          6. '], ['
          7. ', ['', u'James G. Perry', ''], '
          8. '], ['
          9. ', ['', u'Mary Jenkins Perry', ''], '
          10. '], ['
          11. ', ['', u'Susan Jane Perry', ''], '
          12. '], ['
          13. ', ['', u'Barshby C. Perry', ''], '
          14. '], '
          '], '
        3. ']]
      3. Mary Garrett
      4. James P (Jimmy) Garrett
      5. John W Garrett
      6. Mildred Garrett
      7. Celia Garrett
      8. Catherine Garrett