This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of King. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Ann [I0552] after 1696   Henry King Catherine
Catherine [I0551] after 1696   Henry King Catherine
Charles [I0532] about 1728 1818 Judith Wimberley [I0533] Mildred Benton [I0535] Charles King Mary
Charles [I0540] about 1695 1762-01-15 Mary [I0541] William King
Elizabeth [I0071] after 1696 Richard Parker [I0070] Henry King Catherine
Elizabeth [I0201]       Robert King Elizabeth Outlaw
Frances [I0410] about 1785 Timothy Garrett [I0048] Thomas King Tempy
Henry [I0081] between 1715 and 1716 Catherine [I0082] Elizabeth Clark [I0554] Michael King Elizabeth Hiry
Henry [I0549] before 1680   Henry King Catherine
Henry [I0545]   1771-12-07   William King
John [I0548]       Michael King Elizabeth Hiry
[Living] [I0539]      
Mary [I0544]   1774-02-11   William King
Mary [I0553] after 1696   Henry King Catherine
Michael [I0550] about 1690 1741   Henry King Catherine
Michael [I0536] about 1690 1741 Isabella Bell [I0537]  
Michael [I0083] about 1630 between 1704 and 1716 Elizabeth Hiry [I0084]  
Michael [I0547]       Michael King Elizabeth Hiry
Nathan [I0546]       Michael King Elizabeth Hiry
Robert [I0200]     Elizabeth Outlaw [I0199]  
Solomon [I0543]       William King
Thomas [I0530] about 1765 1799 Tempy [I0531] Charles King Judith Wimberley
William [I0555]       Henry King Elizabeth Clark
William [I0542] about 1660 about 1725 Michael King Elizabeth Hiry