Caladonia W Perry

Birth Name Perry, Caladonia W
Gramps ID I0394
Gender female
Age at Death 1 year, 8 months, 28 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0589] 1849-03-00 Davidson Co, Tennessee  

Death [E0590] 1850-11-29    



Father Hardy Hunter Perry [I0030]
Mother Sarah S Grizzard [I0391]
  1. Vandalia Perry [I0393]
  2. William N Perry [I0392]
  3. Alexander Perry [I0395]
  4. John M Perry [I0396]
  5. Martha A Perry [I0397]
  6. James H Perry [I0398]
  7. Robert M Perry [I0399]


Birth and Death dates from a note on this web page:
e-mail from Brad Clark:
Hardy was married to Sarah Grizzard prior to Francis Hitt.
From the Grizzard cemetery :
___ndelia E. PERRY Born Sept 2, 1845 Died Nov 30, 1850;
Caldon A PERRY Born March __ 1849 Died Nov 29, __?1850;
(Children of Sally S. GRIZZARD & Hunter PERRY - Grandchildren of Wm & Mary)


  1. Hardy Hunter Perry
    1. Sarah S Grizzard
      1. Vandalia Perry
      2. William N Perry
      3. Caladonia W Perry
      4. Alexander Perry
      5. John M Perry
      6. Martha A Perry
      7. James H Perry
      8. Robert M Perry