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She Dances First

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This was inspired by a lady from my church who loves me. She also loves her husband and five kids and lots of other people. She dances with the children in church and sometimes leads the circle around and about, up and down the aisles till so many people grab on that the circle loops itself. She, combined with the Holy Spirit and everyone else who loves bring out something in me that I can only express in a song. It is the first song I have written in seven years, by the way, so I wanted to share it.
Recording assistance very kindly provided by my good friend Rob Frazier.

Red, gold and black are their heads of hair,
Her children laugh when she dances there.
We see her run between heaven and earth.
And where we follow she dances first.

Their feet, they run, still their hearts fly wild.
Join with the life, trusting as a child.
Come take the dance between earth and heaven.
And grasp our hands as they're freely given.

My harp my love hanged dry, in a tree,
I turned to find that which once flowed free.
I moved my feet to an earthly plan,
And joined my heart in heavenly dance.

My head is white now, my youth is gone.
Still she's my child and I am her son.
We see her run between heaven and earth.
And where we follow she dances first.

© 2006 Joseph William Perry

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